My name is Bret Munk. I offer state of the art exercise prescription, ancestral approach to diet, and spiritual connection to all parts. I am an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer pioneering the fusion of mind/body/spirit in the development of personalized wellness programs for people of all fitness levels.






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Sacred Training is an approach to personal fitness and lifestyle conditioning which combines time-honored precepts of diet, modern prescriptions of exercise, neuroscience, cellular biology, and spiritual linkage across the sum of components.

Thoughts become things. These 3 magic words are my mantra. I emphasize the power of visualization and thought mastery for each prescribed transformation program. Sustainable exercise, sound nutrition, stress management, and mind over matter are standard agents offered to each of my clients.  

If you have a moment, allow me to give you a little background on what led me to adopt my current approach.

In August 2010 I was in my physical prime. I strength trained 6-7 days per week, I weighed about 220 pounds with 14% body fat, and I enjoyed daily helpings of 200+ grams of whey protein. I was suddenly diagnosed with liver failure and given weeks to live. Three hepatologists advised liver transplant surgery. I checked myself out of the hospital against medical advice, and I went home to transition.

As fate, my wife, and my physician would have it, I did not die nor receive a transplant liver. I reversed liver failure. Using probiotics, a special diet, massage, meditation, and rest, I survived against all odds. I am a healthier and wiser person for it, and I am left wondering - what caused it?

While I may not know for certain what tipped the scale, I realize that I was simply not living SMART. I super dosed the cheapest foods. I consumed massive amounts of cheap whey proteins. I exercised well beyond total fatigue and I supplemented with little more than water, creatine, and BCAAs with few vital mineral or whole food supplements.

I was not training sacred. And it backfired. Now my purpose with my remaining time here is to share my experience as I continue to help others realize holistic health. How did our ancestors eat and why? Why is spirit so involved with all Eastern forms of exercise? What can be gleaned from modern sports science?

My interest and investigation into these areas has culminated in what I term Sacred Training. Sacred Training is exercise prescription using the wisdom of the past and the knowledge of the present, balanced with the spirit of timelessness.

“Let Food Be Thy Medicine...” ~ Hippocrates, 400 BC


A Story of Sacredness